Saturday at the Studio

Live music is something I don't indulge in often enough. I always find myself looking into tour dates, but when the date finally comes up on the calendar I don't make it out to the show. Luckily I was able to connect with a grassroots band in Brooklyn to reinvigorate my excitement for quality music and great people. 

For those familiar with it, Webster Hall offers an intimate venue beneath its floors known as 'the studio.' While it now serves as the launch pad for local acts looking to bigger stages, the venue is rich with history. Walking into the green room, covered in stickers and graffiti from past acts, you can feel the energy of what's come before. 

Everyone knows that all legitimate rock bands must have a van, the Danbees are no exception. 

The Danbees, a gaggle of tri-state twenty-some-year-olds, were rounding up their sound check as I arrived at the venue. As this was our first meeting we promptly went to the nearest Subway Restaurant for dinner and laughed as drunk NYU students stumbled towards Webster Hall. They weren't exactly nervous, but there was an anxious energy about the group. As they scarfed down their sandwiches, I quietly tucked away the remaining half of mine, knowing it would be a god send later in the evening. 

Arriving back at the venue the doors were just opening and people began trickling in during the first act. With three acts before the Danbees' headlining performance, there was plenty of time for the place to fill up. Reassured often by each member of the band, I was told the place would be packed by their performance. Their assuredness was not arrogance, but quite accurate as it turned out.

What follows is a visual representation of their performance... or thereabouts. 


And because I know you were all wondering, the left over sandwich was the best night cap ever.